Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors are personally invested in the work and service of La Paz Chattanooga. 100% of the La Paz Board of Directors contribute to the organization.

Current Board Members

Kelly Arnold, MD - Family Physician | UT College of Medicine & Medical Director | Clinica Medicos

I began serving on the La Paz board 2015 and have lived in Chattanooga for approximately ten years. I believe that in addressing the needs and wellness of the Latino community of Chattanooga, social needs as well as medical needs are tightly intertwined.I practice Family Medicine Obstetrics, teach residents training in Family Medicine, and recently opened Clinica Medicos (, where I serve as Medical Director.

Carlos Calderin - Immigration and Nationality Attorney | Calderin and Olivia, LLC

I have served on the board for one year but have been a volunteer for La Paz for ten years. La Paz is about empowering the Hispanic community.  An empowered Hispanic community is one that is engaged and fully active in the political process and the economics of the local region.  This in turn will strengthen Chattanooga and lead it to the next level of economic development, which benefits everyone in the region including me.

Jana Eichel, Secretary - HR Training Manager | Wacker Polisylicon

I have served as a board member at La Paz since 2014. Being an immigrant myself, I understand how important and valuable the array of services are that the La Paz staff and volunteers provide to Chattanooga’s Latino Community. I am particularly proud to be a part of La Paz because it serves as a dedicated advocate for and provides visibility to our growing Latino population, fostering and promoting cross-cultural partnerships and success.

Fred Fletcher, Chair - Chief | Chattanooga Police Department

I recently joined the Board after working with La Paz for over two years as community partners to help everyone in our community feel included and safe .  La Paz is important to me because they help me fulfill my organization's vision to be respected and trusted by all segments of Chattanooga's diverse community.  I became a peace officer to protect the most vulnerable in our community and a growing Latino community in Chattanooga can be very vulnerable indeed if not supported by great organizations like La Paz.  

Angela Garcia, Vice Chair - Hispanic Market Manager | Coca-Cola UNITED Bottling Company of Chattanooga

I have been part of La Paz since its very beginning. I have seen it since birth, growing up and maturing for 11 years. I have been part of the Board since April ,2016. La Paz is a key organization in the community because it serve as a bridge and  resource for many Latinos in the area. Serves a community that is rapidly growing, along with its needs. La Paz stands for its work with local leaders to offer better opportunities to Latino families. Latinos in the area are a powerful segment of the community, not only for its buying power and economic impact, but also  for its powerful cultural model. Culture is the new Universal language in America, embracing cultural sensitivity has become critically important.

Richard Mathis, PhD - Clinical Data Analytics Consultant | Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN

I am a Chattanooga resident of 25 years and have served on the La Paz board for the last four years. La Paz serves a rapidly growing and important segment of our community.

Marco Pérez, Treasurer - Vice President of Operations | LAUNCH Chattanooga

I have served on the Board for 1.5 years, although I was also a non-Board member of the Finance committee for a year prior to that. La Paz serves as a bridge for the Latino community and the rest of the city. With the growth of the Latino community over the past 10 years, La Paz's role has become more valuable. For me personally, it is important because the future health of a city requires the positive interaction of all the members of its community. Being on La Paz's Board has been one of my most fulfilling experiences in Chattanooga.

Abbie Tilley - Grant Specialist | The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

I attended the first Sangria on the Southside fundraiser about 7 years ago and as someone who had enjoyed learning Spanish and getting to know Latin cultures, I was instantly attracted to the mission of La Paz. Not too long after that, I joined the La Paz Book Club which was just starting up as a way to inspire members of the community to read and discuss literary works by Latin American and Hispanic authors. About a year and a half ago, I was very honored to join the board and serve La Paz in a greater way. La Paz is essential because it is the only organization of its kind in the Chattanooga area. Not only is La Paz the only organization committed to supporting and including the Latinos of our region, it also serves the entire community by embracing and celebrating all that these residents and their cultures have to offer.

Brittany Thomas - Immigration Attorney | Grant, Konvalinka, and Harrison

I have been on the La Paz board for one year but have been involved as a volunteer since moving to Chattanooga over two years ago. La Paz is great about stepping into fill the voids that the Hispanic community has in its relationship to the greater Chattanooga region.