Count Me In - 2016 Annual Support Campaign

Count Me In - 2016 Annual Support Campaign

Count Me In

YOU are important to Chattanooga.

More directly, you are important to how others view Chattanooga.

How do you want people to feel when they come to the Scenic City? 

Do you want them to view our community as one that thrives on unity, is rich in culture, and shows itself as a place that welcomes anyone who ventures into our mountain and valley-filled landscape? 

A community is largely defined by the makeup, value system, and attitudes of the combination of all individual residents who live in it. We represent beautiful pieces of a larger picture of the community. Your role in our community is vital in helping to create a place of beauty and peace. 

Meet Maria

A young mom from Guatemala, Maria is the eldest of six children and became a mom at the age of 19. Her husband works at a local farm for 40 cents a day picking coffee beans and the family of three lives in extreme poverty.

The couple’s daughter began showing signs of malnutrition early on. They continued to work hard and fight for their family, but the work was never enough. They watched their daughter continue to suffer, and at the age of six, she appeared to be a toddler, weighing only 20 pounds. The muscles in her legs were underdeveloped and she wasn’t able to use her arms or walk on her own.

Maria and Omar had a decision to make. They could either stay in their home country and continue to struggle in poverty, not able to feed their family and watch as their child slowly died of malnutrition OR they could cross the border and find work. They had heard of a place that paid $12 an hour which was so much more than the 40 cents a day they were living on. It would be scary, unsafe and they struggled with what they knew was the law.

It was just days after Maria and Omar had crossed the blistering heat of the Arizona desert that they appeared in Chattanooga for the first time. 

How do you want Maria, and those like her, to view Chattanooga? 

Meet Eduardo

In the early 1960s, more than 14,000 Cuban children were transported unaccompanied and without visas from Cuba to Miami in an effort known as Operation Peter Pan. One of those 14,000 was a young, ten year old boy named Eduardo.

Operation Peter Pan was one of the world's largest political exoduses of children in history. It arose from Cuban parents who sought after a way for their children to escape the oppressive regime which threatened their families with fear tactics. Like so many other Cuban parents, Eduardo's parents felt like they had no other choice than to send him and his siblings to a foreign land with the hope that they would have a better life.

They arrived safely in the U.S. and through the Catholic Church were placed in an orphanage for about a year until their parents fled Cuba and were reunited. Soon after Operation Peter Pan, the Cuban Missile Crisis put a lock-down on anyone trying to leave Cuba so many families were separated for years. Eduard and his family eventually made their way to Chattanooga. 

Would it be a place where he and his family would feel welcomed and have the opportunity to thrive?

Come Together as a Community of Peace

You have an opportunity to show the Marias and Eduardos around us that Chattanooga is a community full of compassionate people who have arms open wide willing to help others thrive as active members of the society. 

You can do that by participating in our Count Me In Campaign, helping La Paz Chattanooga provide the resources and staff needed to serve as a center of peace for the Latino members of our community. Can we count on you?

Count Me In

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Take a selfie and share that YOU'RE IN on supporting La Paz.Step 3 - Share Your Story on Social Media
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Step 4 - Recruit Others to Join You
Get a few others in your personal network who you feel would join you in getting involved at La Paz.


Get your tickets to Sangria on the Southside, La Paz's signature fundraising celebration to be held on Friday, May 6th at Stratton Hall, where we will celebrate (fiesta-style) both the Latin American community and the efforts of our Count Me In campaigners (like you). 

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*Those who donate/pledge $500 or more to the Count Me In campaign will receive TWO FREE TICKETS to Sangria on the Southside.

We Are ChattanoogansDiverse. Inclusive. Driven.
Chattanooga is at it's best when we come together.
We Are Chattanoogans!

LA PAZ CHATTANOOGA is Chattanooga's leading Latino/Hispanic organization that helps to guide, connect, and strengthen the community in order to help those in it to thrive as active members of society. Learn more at |  423.624.8414