English as a Second Language Classes

English as a Second Language Classes

Speaking the language most commonly used is a vital asset in ensuring the ability to live and thrive in a community. La Paz offers a variety of methods in helping our native Spanish speakers learn and practice their English. 

Whether its through informal conversations with native English speakers, such as those offered through our Intercambios, or more formal ESL classes, La Paz wants to help native Spanish speakers grow in the comfort and use of English so that they can thrive in this community.

If you are interested in attending an ESL class, please email

ESL Classes Provided by La Paz

Hixson Community Center  
taught by Teo Valdes - every Monday and Wednesday at 10am-12pm.


Ridgedale Outreach Center
taught by Teo Valdes - every Monday and Wednesday 1-3pm (begins Jan. 18)

ESL Classes Provided by Others

Please see additional documents at the bottom of this page for program information and class schedules.

  • Hamilton Co. Baptist Association ESL classes
    please click here to view class list.
  • Chattanooga State ESL Classes 
    Lunes y Miércoles, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy
    1802 Bailey Avenue
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT-Athens) ESL Classes
    Classes in various locations throughout Chattanooga

Help Out with our ESL Program

We are recruiting volunteers who will commit to attend a series of intercambio sessions with our ESL participants. These cross cultural and interlingual sessions last about an hour each,. Participants interact in informal discussion together, practicing their foreign language (30 minutes in English, 30 minutes in Spanish) with native speakers. It's not only a great way for you to learn and practice Spanish and for our clients to learn and practice English, it also helps fulfill our vision in serving as a way to creating places of peace where our foreign clients feel welcomed. 

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ESL Partners

La Paz offers a few "in-house" classes at our office in Highland Park. But with more than 15,000 Latinos in Chattanooga, there's no way La Paz can offer enough classes alone. That's why we partner with others in the area who also provide ESL classes. 

Here are some of our partners who help with our ESL program...

The La Paz ESL classes are offered in part through a partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

  • Hamilton County Baptist Association
  • Chattanooga State 
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT-Athens)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee  (contributor)

For More Information 

Please contact Patrick Miles at or by calling the La Paz office at 423-624-8414.