Promotores de Salud - Health and Wellness Initiative

Promotores de Salud - Health and Wellness Initiative

The Latino community has specific health challenges and barriers. To assist the community in developing strategies to overcome these barriers, La Paz Chattanooga employs a full time health advocate who helps our clients navigate the health care system and educates the community on Latino health-related topics. 

Ongoing Health and Wellness Programs

Tomando Control de Su Salud

Tomando control de su Salud is the Spanish version of the University of Stanford’s nationally –recognized Chronic Disease Self-Management program. In the 6-week course, participants learn to improve communication skills with healthcare providers, plan healthy meal, adopt tools to manage stress and anxiety and make action plans to increase physical activity.  

The program is free and participants receive a Healthy Living book, relaxation CD (both materials in Spanish) and a gift card if they complete 4 of the 6 sessions.

Smart Eating Course

In this six-week series, clients learn how to cook healthy, good-tasting foods, set up a personal and family meal and snack plan, save money on food purchases, save time in the kitchen, and how to store food conducive to safety and longevity.

The Food and Nutrition workshop is made available through a partnership with the Hamilton County's Office of The University of Tennessee Extension, which helps to provide localized educational programs to help resolve community needs.  

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L.E.A.N Program (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, & Nutrition)

This class is on hiatus as of 2018. Once it resumes, information will be updated.

In this six-week educational consulting course, optimal health is achieved through a balanced four-pronged approach to wellness including lifestyle choices, exercise options, mental health (attitude) and nutrition. 

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Promotores de Salud

Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters) is an evidenced-based program that takes a multifacted approach in addressing physical, educational, and social health. 

La Paz launched this program in order to address various health concerns within the Latino community. This includes prenatal care as well as family planning, birth control, diabetes, childhood obesity, and nutrition. Through client consultations, the La Paz Promotores de Salud provides information and referral services as well as education to equip our Latino clientele to make healthier choices and gain access to resources in the community.

Wellness Programs

Entre Nosotras

Entre Nosotras (Spanish for Amongst Us Women) was created in 2009 with the goal of providing a safe space for women of Latina heritage to gather, celebrate, and support one another. Entre Nosotras focuses on the social and emotional health of female heads of households and address the dynamic needs of its participants. With the help of its participants, the program has grown to include exercise, arts and crafts, and interactive peer groups with topics on parenting, healthy relationships, and stress management. 


Our Entre Nosotras art classes are offered in two locations. Our downtown class meets at the Ridgedale Outreach center once a week and the class is taught by Olga Klein. Our other class meets in Hixson and is facilitated by Kristina Sanchez-Mills. Participants learn art techniques during a 14-week session while also using the time to develop meaningful relationships with their co-participants. 

Sewing, Crafting, & Crochet

Our sewing, crafting, and crochet classes are taught by our Client Leaders periodically throughout the year. These classes help to strengthen the relationships among the women of Entre Nosotras. Our Client Leaders are equipped to facilitate these classes and promote healthy relationships for the women who participate. 


La Paz's Wellness program offers periodic group exercise classes to promote a well-rounded approach to health and wellness. These classes vary in style, ranging from zumba to yoga to group hiking. Also led by the Client Leaders, the exercises classes promote a wholistic mindset regarding one's own journey through health. 

Our Client Leaders and Health Promotoers, Jessica, Martha, and Jacinta.

La Paz's Health and Wellness Partnerships

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee      The University of Tennessee Extension         Caring Choice Women's Center        Hamilton County Health Department


Hamilton County Health Department

For More Information

Jessica Cliche, La Paz Health and Wellness CoordinatorFor more information or to schedule a health consultation, please contact Jessica Cliche, the La Paz Health and Wellness Director, at jcliche@lapazchattanooga or call the La Paz office at 423-624-8414.