Join us in celebrating International Worker's Day (May 1st)

According to 2014 Economic Policy Institute findings*- immigrants make up 16% of the labor force despite being 13% of the population. Immigrants also make up 18% of all business owners  in the United States. The contributions of immigrant workers and entrepreneurs continue to grow with over $743 billion dollars in economic output from immigrants alone in 2011, a 14.7% share of the total U.S. economic output that year.

Today, May 1st, as we celebrate International Worker’s Day we want to acknowledge the contributions of Latino and immigrant workers in the United States as well as help companies find ways to appreciate their employees across all backgrounds.

How You Can Celebrate Your Immigrant Staff

Below are a few ideas on how you can show appreciation to your foreign-born staff members: 

  • Get to know your employees and peers. Learn about their interests, and appreciate and respect their cultural background.
  • Invest in their professional development. One way to do that is by sponsoring their individual membership in Compañía, La Paz's membership initiative which allows individuals to network, grow professionally, and contribute back to society through service. Helping your employees become a part of this network will do a lot to show that you value their personal development.
  • Buy your foreign-born employees lunch. It's just a simple and easy way to say thank you.
  • Host an immigrant discount day at your business. If anyone shows a foreign ID of any sort, give them a discount or a free item (beverage, dessert, side, etc.)
  • You can run a small social media or in-store communications campaign that shows your company/store's appreciation for your immigrant staff (Ex. photos of your employees wearing shirts/pins with the flags of their "home" nations, adding their hometown/home nation on their nametags).
  • Create activities, such as community service projects, that bring your staff together across backgrounds and walks of life.

For more ideas on investing in your employees' and company's success, please contact Christian Patino, La Paz's Business Development Director, at

* Source: Economic Policy Institute,