The Mission of La Paz

The Mission of La Paz

The mission of La Paz is to empower and engage Chattanooga's Latino population through advocacy, education, and inclusion.  

Every program and service of La Paz Chattanooga is planned and implemented as a reflection of the mission, specifically tailored to the language, culture, and background of the Latino community. 

Our Vision and Strategy

The goal of La Paz is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for area Latinos to come together in order to build community, develop leaders, and be a positive contribution to the growth and development of the Chattanooga region.


An inclusive yet diversively rich Chattanooga with a thriving Latino population. 


La Paz guides the Latino population to the resources needed for them to thrive and become active residents in the community.


La Paz connects members of the Latino population with others in the community for the collaborative development and advancement of our region.  


La Paz strengthens our region by helping to build capacity for both our Latino neighbors and those who in the community who want to invest in and work alongside them for the purpose of making Chattanooga a more inclusive, yet diversely rich city.