An Overview of La Paz Chattanooga

La Paz Chattanooga is the leading Hispanic/Latino organization in southeast Tennessee that guides, connects and strengthens the community. Every La Paz program and service is planned and implemented as a reflection of our mission and is specifically tailored to the languages, cultures, and backgrounds of the Hispanic/Latino community. 


Success Indicators 



                                            2012    2013   2014   2015   2016

Total Clients Served:           1500    4000   4000   4500  5000


Goal: In the next three years La Paz Chattanooga will build capacity throughout the city to serve 15,000 Hispanics/Latinos.


 Funding Plan Summary and Goals 2014-2017


Total Income    2014 Actual      2015 Actual     2016 Actual     2017 Budget 

                                    355,608             411,374            500,648            650,800


  • 100% of the Board of Directors and staff (and a large % of clientele) personally give to the organization.
  • La Paz saw a 320% increase sice 2014 in individual giving, event sales and membership commitments.
  • In the next three years, La Paz will double its revenue ($1 million) to triple its impact (15,000)

Results to Date

  • Over $2.5 million has been raised since the inception of La Paz Chattanooga in 2004.
  • Over 30,000 Hispanic/Latinos have been reached through direct services, in depth case-management, education, and referral and outreach programming. 
  • 14,000 volunteer hours have been logged over the last decade.
  • 82% of all spending goes directly to program facilitation. 


Current Needs 

  • $45K to provide bilingual victim advocacy
  • $45K to offer bilingual mental health and family counseling services
  • $25K to build capacity, enabling La Paz to serve over 5000 clients each year
  • $25K to strengthen community engagement efforts, engaging an additional 1200 Chattanoogans 
  • $10K to offer Latino student scholarships 
  • $5K to facilitate Spanish outreach efforts educating 500 more Latinos
  • $2K to increase access to available resources through the Latino Resource Center