Prenatal Classes

Prenatal ClassesAs part of our health and wellness initiative, La Paz conducts prenatal, educational workshops throughout the community. Pregnancy education is an important topic for the Latina community. There is a large segment of the community who has a misunderstanding and maybe even some myths related to pregnancy and prenatal care. 

Our prenatal classes, conducted in Spanish by Jessica Cliche, the La Paz Health and Wellness Coordinator, relay important health information related to pregnancy. 

Please view the La Paz event calendar to find the dates of our upcoming classes.


We are proud to currently partner with Catholic Charities of East Tennessee and Caring Choice to offer many of these workshops in the community. 

 Caring Choice, Dr. Jack Rowland

For More Information

Jessica Cliche, La Paz Health and Wellness CoordinatorPlease contact Jessica Cliche at or call the La Paz Chattanooga office at 423-624-8414.