A Community Thrives Challenge

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La Paz Chattanooga is in a national fundraising challenge titled A Community Thrives sponsored by The USA Today Network (the newspaper). Our campaign, titled "We Are Chattanoogans,"  draws attention to the overall educational services La Paz provides to our community that help to advance, empower, and support our region's Latino community.  

A Community Thrives Challenge, Donate and Support La Paz's CampaignOur online goal for the campaign is $4,500, but to be considered by the committee for selection for one of the grants, we need to SURPASS this goal and get La Paz's campaign to the top of the list. And we have to do this by noon on Friday, May 11th.

WHEN we do, La Paz will be entered into a pool of candidates to potentially receive one of eight grants for up to $100,000. The selection criteria is not only based on reaching our financial goal, but it also it also includes the NUMBER OF DONORS to our campaign.

We Need Your Support to Help Us REACH OUR GOAL

If we receive a grant, the funds will be used to renovate/construct an expanded Latino Resource and Cultural Center, which would allow us to reach even more families in our community.

Would you please consider making a donation to our campaign?

We feel we can reach our internal goal of $7,500 by this Friday, but it will take our friends to make a contribution and to share it with others. 

Donate to Our Campaign ›

Please also consider posting your support of this campaign on your social media and in any communication with your colleagues, friends, family members and associates. Below are some photos and graphics that you can use (or just share the link of this page).

Thank you so much for considering

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact La Paz's office at (423) 624-8414 or 

For a stronger Chattanooga!

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