About La Paz Chattanooga

About La Paz Chattanooga

La Paz Chattanooga is the leading Hispanic and Latino organization in Southeast Tennessee. We build community, develop leaders, and strive to be a positive contribution to the growth and development of the Chattanooga region.

Since our inception in 2004, La Paz Chattanooga has worked to gain the trust and recognition as the most reputable organization serving the diverse Latino demographic. Serving over 6,000 area Latinos each year, we provide culturally and linguistically specific programs and services to empower our Latino community; serve as the premiere Latino networking and consulting source; and provide opportunities to engage through language and culture. 

Our Mission

The mission of La Paz is to empower and engage Chattanooga's Latino population. 

Every program and service of La Paz Chattanooga is planned and implemented as a reflection of the mission, specifically tailored to the language, culture, and background of the Latino community. 

Our Vision and Strategy

We have a vision of a thriving Latino community. Our desire is to support efforts that are designed to make Chattanooga a more inclusive and diverse city.  We do this through three key strategies. 

Social Impact

La Paz provides culturally and linguistically appropriate social services and educational outreach to meet the needs of Latino families. Whether they need assistance finding an available resource, such as a local English class or health care provider or they are seeking employment or need help nagivating a different culture...our Latino Family Resource Center is open to all community members. Through our educational outreach efforts, the Latino community gains valuable information so they are empowered to lead their best lives. 

  • Latino Family Resource Center
  • Health & Wellness 
  • Educational Outreach
  • Leadership Development

Compañía, Business Development

Compañía is our Business Development Department. Compañía builds Chattanooga's capacity to serve the diverse Latino market, provides development and training opportunities for Latino business owners and entreprenuers and serves as the premier networking source for Chattanooga's Latino community.

  • Consulting model for businesses/organizations to market to the Latino population
    • Corporate cultural competency
    • Language support
    • Jobs Board
  • Membership Initiative 
    • Invidual and Corporate
  • Professional Development and Networking

Community Engagement

La Paz builds community centered on understanding and acceptance, where the collective whole is only as great as the beauty and strength of its diversity.

  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Language and Culture Exchange
  • Local School Engagement
  • Cultural Celebrations