About La Paz Chattanooga

About La Paz Chattanooga

Our Mission

The mission of La Paz is to guide, connect and strengthen Chattanooga's Latino community through AdvocacyEducation, and Inclusion.

Every program and service of La Paz Chattanooga is planned and implemented as a reflection of the mission, specifically tailored to the language, culture, and background of the Latino community. 

Our Vision and Strategy

The goal of La Paz is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for area Latinos to come together in order to build community, develop leaders, and be a positive contribution to the growth and development of the Chattanooga region. Our desire is to support efforts that are designed to make Chattanooga a more inclusive, diverse and rich community.  We do this through three key strategies. 


La Paz recognizes that the Latino voice is an important one for the community. The La Paz team provides regular networking luncheons and cultural competeny trainings to assist community groups, organizations, and businesses in understanding the nuances of Latino culture.  By working with the general Chattanooga community, La Paz aims to cultivate cross cultural understanding and connections leading to a more accessible Chattanooga.


One of the earliest needs that La Paz recognized in its history was the importance of educating the growing Latino population of the area on ways to thrive in a new cultural environment. Through culturally specific programming in the Latino Family Resource Center, La Paz helps its Latino clients learn how to live and be a part of the local community. This includes helping our clients learn important aspects for healthy living in the community. We do this through direct consultation services covering topics such as healthy eating/dieting, prenatal care, leadership development, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and more.


La Paz aims to help Chattanooga continue to grow by providing ways to make it more diversely rich and inclusive. We encourage collective partnerships that help connect the Latino population with others in the area in the hopes to further develop Chattanooga and grow its unique makeup in the region. We do this by connecting our Latino network with the resources they need to succeed in being contributing members of the community.