Book Club

La Palabra Book and Spanish Club

The La Paz Book Club (called La Palabra) has been meeting since 2011 to read and discuss books by Spanish-speaking authors (both fiction and non-fiction). All of the books can be found in English and Spanish (and particapnts can choose the language of their choice). The goal of the La Paz Book Club is to embrace and appreciate the unique flavors of the Latin culture. 

quote from one of the La Paz Book Club participantsBook Club meetings are usually held once a month at the La Paz offices at 6:00 p.m. Book Club participants are encouraged to bring snacks and their beverage of choice (wine is encouraged) to share. 

Occasionally, the group comes together for a movie night.  The group also takes field trips to other locales to experience Latino cultural exhibitions, such as to Atlanta's High Museum.

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Do you want to join the La Paz Book Club?

Contact the La Paz office at (423) 624-8414.