Community Circles

Community Circles

Strengthening Chattanooga community by community.


Los Círculos Community CirclesCommunities grow stronger by actively and intentionally engaging its own residents to care and support one another. That’s the goal for La Paz Chattanooga’s Community Circles (or Circulos Comunitarios).

As the Latino community continues to grow throughout our region, we feel the best way for them to thrive is by actively guiding them to build relationships with others in their immediate area, building their own “circle” of support

The basic philosophy is that by focusing on the immediate area surrounding where a resident lives, works, and plays will help streamline collective opportunities for them to make that area healthier, stronger, more active, and better equipped to thrive.

This model also will help La Paz Chattanooga develop pathways that the Latino members in those communities can both receive the support from their neighbors but also allow them to contribute directly back to the community as well. It also will assist in helping neighbors build relationships with one another, developing circles of support. And lastly, it assists in providing avenues of sustainable and long-term engagement by the community at large to support our Latino neighbors.

How it Works

La Paz Chattanooga's biggest strength is that we serve as a community referral and support center. Individuals, families, organizations, groups, and businesses all come to La Paz to seek assistance, and our commitment is to help guide them to the right resources and opportunities they need to thrive. Our network of volunteers across the region plays a huge role in this outreach effort. 

Each person who agrees to volunteer with La Paz Chattanooga identifies a preferred Community Circle - a specific area of town - where they want to focus their service of support. They then commit to intentionally invest their time and support to build relationships with the Latino families and others in that Circle.  When volunteer activities arise in that part of town that include opportunities to connect with local Latino residents, our Circles volunteers step in to lend support. The hope is that they interact with the same Latino residents over and over again, building trust and relationships.

Over time, as trust is built between our residents and volunteers, who are advocates for La Paz's outreach efforts, they will strengthen their bond and begin to assist one another, therefore, strengthening that community. 

Each Community Circle also has a group of volunteer lead ambassadors who help to identify needs, relay news to La Paz and the community, help to train new volunteers in their Circle, connect with VIPs in the area, and be the main cheerleaders for La Paz's efforts in the community.  

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Community Circle Locations

Community Circles are established in areas of Chattanooga that have the highest percentage of Latino residents. The coverage for each Circle varies on the population of the surrounding area. Below are the areas of town where we have organized Community Circles:

  • Downtown Circle (City Center)
  • East Lake Circle (East Lake/St.Elmo/AltonPark) *
  • Hamilton Place Circle (East Brainerd/Ooltewah)
  • Highland Park Circle (Highland Park/Ridgedale/Eastside) *
  • Lookout Valley Circle (Lookout Valley/Trenton)
  • Midtown Circle (East Ridge/Brainerd Rd/Midtown) 
  • North Georgia (Ringgold/ Fort Oglethorpe/ Rossville)
  • North River Circle (Hixson/Red Bank) *
  • Cleveland Circle (future)
  • Dalton Circle (future)


*Indicates a Community Circle region where La Paz is organizing a stronger effort during the initial, pilot phase of the Community Circles initiative. As funding becomes more available, La Paz will continue to strengthen this effort in other areas.