How to Market to the Latino Community

How to Market to the Latino Community

For more than a decade, La Paz Chattanooga has worked tirelessly with and on the behalf of Chattanooga’s Latino population.We have a clear understanding of the needs of this market and the community at large and we are eager to share our knowledge with you.

Our bilingual and bicultural staff has the ability to help you and your organization. We aim to provide services that exceed your expectations. It is important to us that your organization succeeds in your goals to be more inclusive, diverse, and empowering for all Chattanoogans. When you work with La Paz Chattanooga, you are not only investing in your company but you are providing community benefit.

Latino Market Guidance

Can you enlarge and expand your customer base? Do you use best practices to reach the Latino Market? Let our bilingual and bicultural team help you to better reach your Latino audience. We will assess your marketing strategy which includes a review of marketing collateral, applicable business processes and produce a tailored strategic recommendation list. Marketing strategies could reach more than 10,000 Latinos and include culturally specific messaging via social media, radio and print.

Enhance your recruitment efforts! Make an intentional effort to build a diverse team and subscribe to the La Paz Chattanooga job board. Translation, advertising and social media add-ons are available. Subscribers will get a login and password so that you can enter and update your posts with no waiting time! Join now and enjoy a year-long benefit.

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Language Support Services

Collaborate with customer service leadership to provide a cheat sheet of common words and phrases in Spanish and English to better serve your customers. This service includes a short planning meeting, materials created to meet your needs, and a half hour on-site discussion with staff.

Provide basic Spanish and/or English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for company leadership and front line staff. These customizable classes will teach skills to better communicate with Spanish speaking peers and customer base and give your Spanish speaking employees the confidence and skills to increase their comfort in understanding and speaking English so that they can better thrive at work and in the community.

If you need help in verbally communicating with native Spanish speakers, our team can help. Whether it is is a large group or one-on-one. we can facilitate dialogue and discussion. A seven business day lead time is requested and a one time enrollment fee is all that is needed to set you up.

Engage a larger audience with written English to Spanish language support. From technical documents to promotional flyers, this service is offered on an as needed basis. A four day turnaround time is requested and there is a one-time enrollment fee to get you set up.

Let us help you reach the growing Latino market. Contact Angela Garcia, Director of Marketing and Business Development at or by calling the La Paz office at 423-624-8414.