Promotoras de Salud (Health Promotion)

La Paz Chattanooga works closely with strategic partners, such as local schools, service agencies, and healthcare providers to successfully run the Promotoras de Salud program. We empower the Latino community to take control of their health by using culturally and linguistically specific methods to break the cycles of health neglect. 

Health Workshops

Eat Smart, Move More
8 week series, one class a week

Eat Smart, Move More is a free health series offered through the University of Tennessee Extension. This course provides hands-on nutrition education for adults, especially parents and caregivers of children.

Through a series of meetings, families learn to make healthy food choices and to create physically active lifestyles.

This class is open to adults who are eligible for assistance programs such as WIC, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Head Start.

Tomando Control de Su Salud / Taking Control of Your Health
6 week series, one class a week, in Spanish

Tomando Control de Su Salud is the Spanish version of the University of Stanford’s nationally recognized Chronic Disease Self-Management program.

Through this series, participants create weekly action plans and share their experiences in managing chronic illness. Participants also learn about a variety of health and wellness topics such as healthy eating and mental health management.

Pre-natal Program
La Paz conducts prenatal educational workshops throughout the community. Pregnancy education is important for the general Latino community because of common misunderstandings and even myths prevalent in the culture around pregnancy and prenatal care. Our prenatal classes are conducted in Spanish.

LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition) Program
The LEAN program includes fun and interactive sessions for individuals. The classes are shorter and designed for people with limited time. It serves as an introduction to wellness topics such as choosing high quality foods, the benefits of breakfast, physical activity and more.

Smart Shopping
After the L.E.A.N sessions we will go to the grocery store and educate the participants on how to shop for the best products and what sections we should avoid.

Healthy Cooking
Participants learn to prepare tasty, healthy and budget-friendly meals through cooking demos.

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