Immigration Statement

Immigration Statement

At La Paz Chattanooga, we are encouraged that immigration reform has claimed a central spot in our national discourse.

Since we are the only organization in the greater Chattanooga area whose entire set of programs and services revolve around the engagement of the region’s Latino population, we experience on a daily basis the impacts of immigration policy. It is our hope that the conversations around immigration reform will result in thoughtful and practical legislation that will benefit everyone who is touched by this matter.

We understand that immigration reform would impact not just immigrants and their families in the United States, but also the entire country. The same principle applies to our work at La Paz. Through our services and programs we aim to strengthen, not just the individuals and families who walk through our doors for help, but the entirety of our community and all the people who choose to call it home. While we are hopeful that immigration reform will make a stronger America, we will continue to work to create a stronger and more unified Chattanooga.

As the national discussion continues regarding immigration reform, La Paz's desire is to reach out and welcome the local Latino population into the Scenic City, showing hospitality and kindness to some of our area's newest neighbors.