Mi Futuro - Youth Leadership Program

Mi Futuro - Youth Leadership Program

Mi Futuro: Youth Leadership Program

Mi Futuro (My Future) is a comprehensive initiative that helps strengthen the educational success of local Latino youth. Through a year-long leadership development course, selected Latino students in grades 11 and 12 attend monthly workshops focusing on leadership skills and college preparation. In addition, students will meet with local Latino professionals throughout the city who will expose them to various professional industries that will help the students explore potential future career paths. 

The needs are immense.

Studies show a huge gap in the number of Latino young adults in the United States who reach college and earn a degree. Latino youth are not engaged in their own education. There are numerous causes leading to these results...

  • Cultural barriers exist inside the school environment that lead to frustration and a harder path in which to succeed.
  • Language barriers.  
  • A lack of parental involvement in the educational achievements and pursuits outside of the classroom (again, due to various additional factors).
  • Financial limitations.
  • And many more. 

Mi Futuro is an initiative where La Paz is aiming to help to alleviate these challenges by working with other partners in the community and engaging parents as providers of motivation and accountability for their children. 

Our desire is to see a rise in Latino student success across each academic level - elementary, secondary, and collegiate - which will lead to a rise in employment success in the future. 

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Please contact us at or 423-624-8414.