An Overview of La Paz Chattanooga

La Paz Chattanooga is the leading Hispanic/Latino organization in southeast Tennessee that guides, connects and strengthens the community. Every La Paz program and service is planned and implemented as a reflection of our mission and is specifically tailored to the languages, cultures, and backgrounds of the Hispanic/Latino community. 

La Paz's Three Strategic Lenses

The Latino community is largely (but not entirely) a foreign/immigrant population, meaning that they need  culturally and linguistically appropriate guidance to the support they need to thrive. That's what La Paz offers through our three strategic lenses... social impact, business development, and community engagement

Social Impact

Through our Latino Resource Center, our Social Impact staff provides culturally appropriate social services, guidance and case management for the Latino clients who need help in identifying pathways to overcome barriers to mobility for their individual needs (or family's needs). Each client's needs are unique (social, emotional, legal, relational, marital, economic, etc.). Our social services staff provides empathetic support and guidance that helps them navigate the "systems" that are in place that are often difficult for our clients to navigate and understand. 

Business Development

Our Business Development department focuses on developing opportunities for our Latino community members to build their professional skills while providing them with access to networking opportunities with potential employers and partners. Additionally, our BD staff offer consulting services to help the English-speaking business and organizations build their capacity to support, market to, employ, and communicate with the Spanish-speaking community. We do this through bilingual customer service trainings, our Compañía membership initiative, language support services (interpretation, translation, and Spanish/English courses), and cultural competency for the workplace trainings.  We also advocate for the Latino professionals to be considered in community-wide workforce development efforts.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement department seeks opportunities to bridge the English and Spanish speaking communities in collective community development strategies. We build strategic partnerships to include the Latino community in larger societal efforts (educational reform, civic engagement, economic development, public policy, etc.).  This is done through a network of nonprofit and government agency partnerships. But it also is accomplished through the outreach efforts of our Community Circles, La Paz's effort to provide our network of English and bilingual volunteers with opportunities to build meaningful relationships with the Latino families that live, work, and play in their neighborhoods across the region. The community engagement office assists residents who want to be engaged with and learn from the Latino community by offering opportunities for collaboration and education. A huge part of that effort is done through cultural competency classes, Intercambios (cultural and language exchanges), and Latin American educational sessions.

Success Indicators 

Total Clients Served

  • 2012 --> 1,500 clients

  • 2013 --> 4,000 clients

  • 2014 --> 4,000 clients

  • 2015 --> 4,500 clients

  • 2016 --> 5,000 clients

  • 2017 --> 6,000 clients

Total Income

  • 2014 Acttual --> $355,608

  • 2015 Actual  --> $411,374

  • 2016 Actual --> $500,648

  • 2017 Actual --> $650,800

 Funding Plan Summary and Goals 2014-2017

  • 100% of the Board of Directors and staff (and a large % of clientele) personally give to the organization.
  • La Paz saw a 320% increase sice 2014 in individual giving, event sales and membership commitments.

Results/Successes to Date

  • Over $2.5 million has been raised since the inception of La Paz Chattanooga in 2004.
  • Over 30,000 Hispanic/Latino residents have been reached through direct services, in depth case-management, education, and referral and outreach programming. 
  • 14,000 volunteer hours have been logged over the last decade.
  • 82% of all spending goes directly to program facilitation. 

Strategic Goal 

In the next three years (2018-2020) La Paz Chattanooga will build capacity throughout the city to serve 15,000 Hispanic/Latino residents. To accomplish this , La Paz will double its revenue ($1 million) to triple its impact (15,000).

Current Financial Needs 

  • $300,000 for the renovation/construction of a new Latino Resource and Cultural Center (also to house the La Paz offices)
  • $45,000/year to provide bilingual victim advocacy
  • $45,000/year to offer bilingual mental health and family counseling services
  • $32,000/year to build administrative capacity
  • $32,000/year to strengthen community engagement efforts, involving an additional 1200 Chattanoogans 
  • $10,000/year to offer Latino student scholarships 
  • $10,000 for additional physical resources and supplies for the Latino Resource and Cultural Center