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Spotlight on Janet Vidal

Heroes 2020

Janet Vidal

From: Miami, Florida to Chilean parents

Chattanoogan since 1997

What do you do for work? What is your role in the community?

I am a Licensed Insurance Agent and Manager of “Fields Insurance – Seguro Que Si” – Chattanooga office.

When we saw a crisis begin to strike our city, what were your first thoughts when deciding to step up for your community?

There is no time to decide ….. you just do it! Over the years, I have experienced many insurance claims that resulted from severe weather. When so many of my clients lost their homes, trailers, and cars to the devastating tornado in Chattanooga I knew that I had to hold their hand through the claim since many don’t speak or understand English. I also thought it was my duty to even help those that were not our clients so that they could understand their policy. It is easy to get lost in the claims process. An insurance contract is a scary piece of paper that you hope to never use and having someone explain what your coverage gives you the peace of mind that is needed during uncertain times.

To be honest, I am given countless opportunities to be of service every day and that is what I love about my career! Over 90% of our clients are Spanish speakers and specifically within this demographic, I see the need to educate the public about what they really need with their coverage. I get to do that every time I meet someone new and they find out what I do!

Who are some of your own heroes that inspire you?

I have the honor and privilege of working with some amazing ladies in our agency and each one is a hero! They all have servant’s hearts and are here standing alongside me and helping me and our community every day. Their smiles, their commitments to our clients, and their friendship help me remember that serving the people of Chattanooga is our highest calling and that it is always the little things we can do for people that make the biggest difference.

When you think back at everything that’s happened this year and what you’ve done, what message do you see telling yourself before all of this happened?

It is the same message I have always told myself: Keep your faith strong and your family close; be patient and kind; love without condition, reservation or expectation, and help when you can. Most importantly it is not necessary that people know what you do if God knows what you have done!

What has been the greatest challenge for you in 2020?

Continually reminding myself and the staff that we do make a difference and that no matter what is going on we can shine a light and share a smile.

It has been difficult to watch so many suffer through the pandemic with the loss of jobs and the economic impact that entails. We want people to know we care; beyond “business”!

We have had to learn to navigate so many things alongside our clients and must keep trusting that things will always work out for our good. I think that during hard times people have to join forces for a common goal and for the common good.

What has been the most rewarding part of 2020?

Seeing how my clients continually help one another even when they are going through difficulties themselves!

As I share the struggles that their “paisanos” are going through I am amazed how many of my clients still find it in their heart (and their pockets) to drop off a box of food for a hurting family; lend a hand to do storm and tree clean up, or take clothing to the children affected by the tornado!

The Latin community of Chattanooga is amazing in so many ways and I am rewarded every day by both being part of them, and being able to serve them.

¡Juntos somos más fuerte! Amen.

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