Staff Changes at La Paz Chattanooga

For La Paz Chattanooga, our staff is our greatest asset. In order to best fulfill our mission, La Paz seeks out top-notch, quality individuals who not only love and understand the Latino community and yearn to see Chattanooga continue to develop, but we also desire to involve those who bring in amazing talent, skills, and passion to carry us to new heights.  We have continued to be blessed by some amazing people. But, it's always sad when our staff experiences change.

Christian Patiño La Paz has always set a principle that our staff needs to reflect the community whom we serve, but also it needs to be flexible as we adapt to the changing needs of our community. It's in this moment that La Paz finds itself having to be flexible as our most recent change will see Christian Patiño transitioning out of his current role from La Paz Chattanooga's staff

Christian came to La Paz in April 2015 at a time where we were experiencing a major shift in growing our service model to include opportunities to engage and support the professional Latino community that continues to grow in Chattanooga. 

"Christian's role at La Paz helped me to once again dream bigger in how we, as an agency and as a community, can impact and strengthen our city in new and meaningful ways," shares Stacy Johnson, La Paz Chattanooga's executive director. "His passion for our community was and continues to be contagious and his community development efforts helped us to build and launch many new initiatives, including Compañía, which we feel will have a lasting impact for years to come." 

La Paz and Christian have come to a mutual agreement that it would be best for both the organization and for him personally to part ways. This transition will help to fuel Christian's passion for entrepreneurship and will allow him to seek out opportunities to build a consulting business of which he has been dreaming to pursue. We hope that Christian will be able to grow his business and thrive so that he will be in a better position to support La Paz in a different way. 

But do not worry, you will surely see Christian still engaged in La Paz's work, especially as we independently contract with him to assist us with our new consulting services. And you'll find him present at Compañía activities and events, and at other La Paz events like Sangria and Latino Leadership Awards.

"It has been a true pleasure and honor to work alongside individuals who work tirelessly for the betterment of seeing an inclusive, diverse Chattanooga with a thriving Latino/Hispanic population," shares Christian. 

"As one chapter closes a new one begins and I am happy to say that I will still be involved with La Paz in a different capacity. Some of you know I strive to attain win-win partnerships and this is a wonderful example of that. The capacity in which I will be working alongside La Paz will allow me to develop my expertise in what I am most passionate about." 

It will be sad not to see Christian every day around our office, but we know this is not goodbye. It's "nos vemos." 

With Christian's transition, it will leave a definite gap in La Paz's team. As we take the time to evaluate our staff structure, we will begin to announce new staffing positions (HINT HINT: one of our first will include communications and business development duties) and we will once again be on the lookout for additional, amazing individuals who can join our team in engaging and empowering Chattanooga's Latino community.