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A connected community is a stronger community.

La Paz Chattanooga is the leading organization in our city with a focus to elevate the Latino community, connecting with numerous organizations and agencies to provide services, advocating for them in a variety of capacities, and mobilizing leadership for Latinos within their careers and communities.

Our advocacy platform is non-political, inspired by our shared humanity and a desire to see Chattanooga grow and prosper, as a city. We partner with organizations working to improve the lives of all Chattanoogans, although we do have a focus on our latino neighbors. We lead initiatives to remove obstacles, create opportunities, and collaborate to enhance the wellbeing of people who, in the past, have been ignored. 


Advocacy Focus:

  1. Equitable Access to Resources. 

  2. Wealth Building and Economic Stabilization Opportunities.

  3. Access to Educational Opportunities for All. 



From celebrating Latino culture to highlighting local Latino community leaders, come see how we lift up every voice.


We are stronger together. Empowering Latinos of all ages to know their rights and let their voices be heard.



Help our small staff do what we do best: serve the community. Be a part of our amazing team of impactful volunteers.



Junior Loa, Owner
Carnicerías Loa #6, 7, 9

“I believe that the work they do for the city is of the utmost importance because it’s a support and another pillar that is part of the network for us here in Chattanooga. We all have an important role to play, the government, community members, business owners and an organization like La Paz, assembles perfectly with every need a Latino entrepreneur has in Chattanooga.”


Jorge Parra, Owner
Taquería Jalisco

“La Paz Chattanooga’s name carries weight as a connector and endorser. They have the trust of the Latino community and as a business owner, it was important for us to have their endorsement to grow our business. They are consistently supporting the Latino entrepreneur through workshops, panels, networking events, referrals and may other ways. As a Latino business owner, it is invigorating to see an organization whose interest align well with the Latino business community and entrepreneurs.” 


Erwin Ovalle, Owner
MCS, Ovalle's Catering

“My experience with La Paz Chattanooga has been
unforgettable and I have seen my business referrals grow substantially
since becoming engaged and involved with them. I was humbled when I was recognized as an honoree in 2016 at the Latino Leadership Awards ceremony and received the Chattanooga’s Choice Award.”

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