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Roads to Reading
Guatemalan Literacy Project

Roads to Reading is an innovative strategy for equipping families with culturally sustaining literacy resources in their own languages. Not everyone from Latin America speaks Spanish as their first language. In fact, many speak one of the many languages—like Mam, K'iche', or Q'anjob'al that indigenous people have been speaking for centuries. In partnership with Chattanooga Public Library, Chattanooga 2.0, Hamilton County Schools, The Enterprise Center, and WTCI, La Paz is providing families with Guatemalan heritage with books and audio-visual resources to ensure every family has what they need to support their children's early literacy!

Books and Magazines

Book Access

We'll publish children's books in three Guatemalan languages 

Reading Together

Read Alouds

Families can follow along with videos of community members reading aloud. 

Happy Mother's Day

Parenting Class - Abriendo Puertas

Parents will learn the importance of literacy and reading with their children. 

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