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Latinx Relief Fund

Latinx families in Chattanooga and surrounding areas have experienced severe economic impacts due to COVID-19. La Paz Chattanooga has been working to ensure our community is informed and supported during this time by providing them with resources and aid.


Many individuals are facing the additional barrier of being unable to access financial assistance from federal or state relief programs.


That is why we have created the Latinx Relief Fund to provide financial support to families who are lacking vital resources.


With your donation, we will be able to provide rent and utility support and cover some basic needs expenses. Our community is strong and resilient even during the most difficult circumstances, and we are here to support them.


Applications for the Latinx Relief Fund are currently closed. We will update with more information as the circumstances change.

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Who is the Latinx Relief Fund for?


The Latinx Relief Fund is for Latino families in the Chattanooga area who have been impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic and who do not have access to resources or aid from the federal government (unemployment, federal stimulus check, etc.).


How much support can I expect to receive if I apply to the Latinx Relief Fund?


The support we are able to offer at this time is based on need and can be any amount up to $500.


How can I apply to receive financial support from the fund?


Our application process for this round of support will begin on Tuesday, February 9th. To apply, you must call our LRF hotline Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after 9 a.m. We will process the first ten callers to the hotline of that day. If you are not able to connect with one of our staff through the hotline one day, you are welcome to call again the next day.


What do I need in order for my application to be processed?


In order for your LRF application to be processed, we must receive your name and contact information, the names of your family members, as well as a proof of need, such as an unpaid bill, a paid bill, or a receipt.


If I qualified for the Latinx Relief Fund last year and received funds, can I apply again this year?


Yes! We are starting fresh with applications for 2021, so if you received funds from us last year, you are welcome to apply again this year.


If I qualified for the Latinx Relief Fund this year and my application was approved, can I apply again later this year?


Unfortunately due to the limited amount of our fund reserve, at this time we ask that you do not apply more than once for the LRF.


I am not in need of financial assistance, but I would like to help another family. How can I do this?


You are welcome to donate to the community pot of our Latinx Relief Fund here.

IMPACT REPORT (2020-2021)

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