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(noun): Place where a stream of water flows; source.

Be a part of the source from which La Paz Chattanooga can provide to our local Latinx community. 


At La Paz Chattanooga, our commitment to fostering inclusive communities, celebrating diversity, and empowering individuals is steadfast. As a member of La Fuente, you have the power to make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families.

Every month, your generous contributions play a pivotal role in sustaining our vital programs and initiatives. From providing essential resources to immigrant families to offering cultural enrichment opportunities and advocating for social justice, your support fuels our mission-driven work.

By becoming a monthly donor, you join a passionate community dedicated to creating a more equitable and welcoming society for all. Your recurring gifts provide a steady and reliable source of funding, allowing us to plan ahead, expand our reach, and respond swiftly to emerging needs.


Your support enables us to offer crucial services such as legal assistance, language classes, and job training programs, empowering immigrants to thrive and contribute to their new home.  


Through events, workshops, and educational initiatives, we celebrate the rich diversity of cultures represented in our community, fostering understanding, appreciation, and unity. 


In times of crisis, your ongoing support allows us to respond swiftly and provide essential assistance to individuals and families facing unforeseen challenges, whether due to natural disasters, economic hardships, or other emergencies.

To our La Fuente members:

Karen Crump

Jose Ramos

Philip Sutherland

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