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(noun): Place where a stream of water flows; source.

Be a part of the source from which La Paz Chattanooga can provide to our local Latinx community. 


Your impact as a monthly giver to La Paz Chattanooga means our staff has more time to focus on what's important: empowering Latinos to be their best selves, and promoting inclusion so their voices are heard.

Whether it's five or 500, you can support our organization's efforts on an ongoing basis and help sustain our efforts to see a thriving community in an inclusive city.

Note: when giving via our donation form, select "recurring donation" in order to establish monthly giving. That way we know to recognize you as a member of La Fuente.


La Paz's Latinx Relief Fund began in 2020 as a result of the need for families who did not qualify for federal stimulus to receive financial aid during the height of the pandemic.

Currently we sustain this fund as direct assistance to our families—it goes into the hands of clients.


By becoming a monthly donor for our Family Stabilization and Education work, you support the organization to ensure families have access to housing, legal and healthcare assistance as well as access to educational opportunities like English classes, digital literacy courses, and financial literacy coaching.

To our La Fuente members:

Karen Crump

Jose Ramos

Philip Sutherland

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