Latino Leadership Awards

Latino Leadership Awards

The Latino Leadership Awards is an annual event that brings together the greater Chattanooga community in order to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the area's Latino leaders and champions in the areas of career achievement and community involvement.  All nominees must be of age 18 years or older and live within a 25 mile radius of the greater Chattanooga area. 


2019 Latino Leadership Awards 

The 2019 Latino Leadership Awards banquet will be held on Monday, September 16th, at the Chattanooga Trade and Convention Center from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  

The ceremony brings together members or our community in order to recognize and honor Latinos who have made a significant impact in Chattanooga. 

In addition to the general Latino Leader recognition, the banquet also honors four individuals with the following special awards:

  • Latino Leader of the Year & Chattanooga's Choice Awards
    The most prestigious honors at the ceremony that recognize two local Latino's individual career achievement and community impact. All individuals nominated will be considered. The LLA selection committee will determine who will receive the Latino Leader of the Year Award, but the general public will vote for the person to be honored as Chattanooga's Choice. 
  • Chattanooga's Choice Award

The voting process is currently closed for the Chattanooga's Choice Award.
**Voting will take place in August and early September. 

  • Latino Community Champion Award 
    Recognizing those who have championed services for and/or made a significant impact on Chattanooga's Latino population over a series of years. This recipient does not have to be Latino in heritage.

    The nomination process for this award is NOW OPEN. The recipient of this award will be named at this year's ceremony.
  • Emerging Latino Leader Award
    Recognizing the emerging influence and accomplishments of a Latino young adult who is under the age of 25 years. 
  • La Paz Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Recognizing the outstanding dedication and volunteer service of one individual's commitment to the work of La Paz Chattanooga. 
    The recipient of this award will be named at this year's ceremony.
  • Compañía Business of the Year
    Recognizing a Latino-owned business that has excelled in growth within the community.
  • Compañía Entrepreneur/Business Owner
    Recognizing a Latino who has showcased the true spirit of an entrepreneur in work ethic and business savvy. 

    To learn more about Compañía, click here.


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For More Information

For more information regarding the Latino Leadership Awards, please contact us at or call the La Paz office at 423-624-8414.