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Meet the Nominees: Community Champion

We are so close to the big day -- we're celebrating Latino talent and contributions as well as Chattanooga's moves to make our city welcoming, inclusive, and equitable.

Our final category is Community Champion and these nominees are not Latino individuals, but agencies and organizations that have put in the work towards equitable access and true inclusion of our Latino neighbors.

The Community Champion Award recognizes organizations and businesses that have championed services for and/or made a significant impact on Chattanooga's Latino population.

2023 Nominees: Community Champion

Nominated for the creation of Tu Radio, the city’s first all-Spanish radio station. This radio station was a longtime dream of many who have come and gone from the La Paz staff and board. This radio station is instrumental in informing, connecting and empowering our local Latino population about their community and current events, as well as promoting the conservation of Latino culture in the U.S.

Nominated for their expansion of services and outreach to the Latino community, particularly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cempa’s newest endeavor, their community clinic, is located in an accessible area to many Latino neighborhoods, and they continuously build capacity to meet the healthcare needs of our growing population. Sepa Con Cempa, their outreach initiative aims to educate and empower the Latinx community on infectious diseases and primary care through compassionate, linguistic, and cultural relevancy.

Nominated for their work expanding digital access and literacy education to the Latino population across Chattanooga through Tech Goes Home and EdConnect. The Enterprise Center has been intentional with the inclusion of our Latino community in these initiatives since the beginning planning stages and have only amplified their accessibility pursuits since.

Nominated for the expansion of ENL programming, the creation of the International Welcome Center, and capacity building to better engage Spanish speaking families and communities across school districts.

Nominated for their increasingly impactful care, education and outreach work throughout the Latino community. During the pandemic HCHD was quick to build capacity to properly communicate with our demographic and has only become stronger since. From prenatal and childcare education to ensuring Latino children receive basic routine examinations for school, HCHD is indispensable to the Latino community in Chattanooga.

We are thrilled to celebrate these champions and all our nominees on September 21st. Stay tuned to hear about our fabulous winners!

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