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Meet the Nominees: New Latino Business of the Year

Get to know our amazing individuals and organizations as we get ready to celebrate them at our 2023 Latino Leadership Awards on September 21st!

We've been sharing a little about the folks and agencies our city (you!) nominated to be recognized for their contributions and positive impact, promoting Latino progress across sectors in the Scenic City! Take a look at our nominees for Latino Business of the Year & New Latino Business of the Year!

New Latino Business of the Year Award recognizes up-and-coming Latino-owned businesses (operating for 3 years or less) that showcase exemplary business practices and contribute to the cultivation of Latino progress in Chattanooga.

2023 Nominees: New Latino Business of the Year

Ayelet's Style Indigenous Mexican Art

Claudia Berck


Claudia Berck has a true passion for her culture and Mexican history. The labor intensive and colorful hand crafted goods made with love by the hands of the indigenous people who live in the diverse regions of Mexico connect you to the richness of the traditions of their country. When Claudia’s youngest daughter started school, she wanted to occupy her time with something meaningful that would still allow her time with her family. After returning from a trip to Mexico and wearing a hand embroidered blouse from Puebla, several people asked her about the origin of the blouse and where they could buy one just like it. From there, the idea of starting a business offering hand made blouses emerged.

And Ayelet’s was born, which name means Claudia in Hebrew. Claudia has always followed her Cristian faith, trusting that God would show her the way and allow her to share her blessings with her people of Mexico. Claudia was born in Monterrey, her father is also from Monterrey and her mother from Chiapas. She feels proud to show the world the unique pieces handmade by artisans and to see the happiness that they bring to the people that purchase them and proudly wear them. Claudia started selling hand stitched blouses, however her business has rapidly grown and she now offers in addition to blouses, dresses, accessories, purses, shoes, hats and face masks, brought from Chiapas, Oaxaca and Jalisco.


Angela Garcia


Angela Garcia is the founder and managing director of CulturAlly, a consulting firm helping bridge the outreach needs of organizations and corporate platforms interested in engaging Latino communities, developing communication strategies and offering language support services to support these needs. With 20 years of experience working with the growing Latino communities in Chattanooga and surrounding areas, bringing great value on strategies to build trust and establish long lasting relationships with this population. She most recently served as the Director of Business development for La Paz Chattanooga, where she led the Compañía initiative providing resources and networking opportunities for local Latino professionals and entrepreneurs. Before that, Angela acted as Latino Market Key Account Manager for Coca-Cola Bottling Co. UNITED, where she was responsible for managing sales and marketing efforts for Latino stores doing business with the company in their territory, as well as building community relations with programs that could benefit this market. Additionally, Angela has more than 12 years combined experience in media, content development and Spanish publications.

MR Construction, LLC

Ivan & Marta Manrique


MR Construction was created with a lot of love and effort, with many dreams and goals. This company was created in May 2021, the first houses we built were in Cowan, TN. We like challenges and we like to take houses that lead to new challenges, we build from conventional houses to modern houses. Some of our contractors have been EPG Homes, Curbed Construction, W2 Architecture + Design, among others. The company MR Construction LLC was created by Ivan Manrique and Marta Rincón, we are husbands and parents of two children, ages 4 and 2, we are Colombians. Ivan arrived in Chattanooga 9 years ago and Marta arrived 5 years ago. Ivan, has worked in roofing, concrete and 5 years ago he started working in framing and it was where he found his passion and more than a job it is something he enjoys doing. Marta works with East Lake Montessori School as a Latino liaison and social media manager. We also began to make ourselves known through social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. For our company it is important not only to give our best for our clients, but also for our workers, because we know that the basis of a good company is to have a good work team.

Be sure to check back and see the winner of each LLA category on Friday, September 22nd!

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