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Spotlight on Jacinta Oviedo Quintana

Heroes 2020

Jacinta Oviedo Quintana

From: Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

In the area since 2004

What do you do for work? What's your role in the community? I have been a volunteer for four years at La Paz de Chattanooga. Nowadays I serve my community through my church, Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH) by aiding the Director of Hispanic Ministry, Laura Moore.

When we started to see a crisis strike our city, what were your first thoughts when you decided to do something for the community? I knew that something had to be done; in a difficult situation and in any situation of need if it is in our hands to contribute, it must be done. Through my church (OLPH) I received a proposal from Laura Moore to make masks. It was time to help contribute to solving this crisis, we started and I say we started because there was help through La Paz Chattanooga with sewing machines. I also had the help of a friend who collaborated with me, Edith Valtierra, thank you so much!

Who are some of your own heroes that inspire you?

My parents; my late father Rosendo Oviedo and my mother Benita Quintana, are my heroes, and they have always inspired me to try to be a better human being, to share what God gives us, to have character, but also simplicity and humility, always helping those who need it.

When you think about everything that has happened this year and what you have done, what message would you give yourself before all this happened?

My message to me, that I thank God for having this talent and that it serves to help others!

What has been the biggest challenge for you in 2020?

My challenge is the changes that as a family we had to make to protect ourselves from this pandemic. My children take online classes and are at home 24/7. But my biggest challenge is my commitment that I have as a mother to Mariana Guadalupe, Sophia Montserrat, Ismael Jr. and as a partner to my husband, Ismael; my family is always my commitment, teaching and learning as a mother, doing good for my children and supporting my family as a unit.

What has been the most rewarding part of 2020?

Without a doubt, when Laura Moore says, “Thank you! You have no idea how many lives you have saved with this mask.” Thank you Laura for trusting me! Also when I received a thank you letter from President Jennifer Nicely from Memorial Hospital.

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