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Spotlight on Mercy Kealey

Heroes 2020

"As the Director of Financial Aid at McCallie School, Mercy works tirelessly to provide access to high quality education to individuals of all backgrounds, and also uses her influence to expand opportunities for Hispanic/Latino boys to come to McCallie. I can’t count the number of hours she works in a normal year, and during the COVID-19 outbreak and Easter tornadoes, I’m not sure how she found time to sleep. So many families have lost their incomes, their businesses, or their homes, and Mercy listened to each of their stories and assisted them in applying for and receiving emergency hardship grants to keep their sons at McCallie. Mercy is truly a hidden gem! She is Cuban and served as a great example to everyone who meets her of just how hardworking, capable, and passionate Hispanic/Latinx individuals are and what an amazing contribution they add to our community”.

Liz Thompson, McCallie School

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